After seeking advice from several sources to determine the nutritional requirements of malnourished and starving children worldwide, Kids Against Hunger brought together a team of food scientists from Cargill, General Mills, Archer Daniels Midland, and Pillsbury. This team of experts developed a specific food formula that meets the nutritional needs of children and that is far superior to the widespread rice and beans mix used by many feeding programs. The specific formula took nearly three years to develop. The rice was chosen because it is so widely recognized worldwide. We use premium long-grain white rice. We chose white rice specifically because of its shelf life. The soy we use is fortified with ten vitamins in addition to the high protein content of the soy. The vegetables provide both color and flavor to the food. The vitamin formula is a proprietary formula and is the “secret sauce” that goes into our food. We provide 21 vitamins and minerals and each bag of our food contains six servings of the dehydrated food which when boiled will serve six children and provide all the vitamins and minerals they need for a day. It provides not just a meal - but better health to starving children. Additionally, our bags are specifically made to be three-ply for strength and they are made of a moisture-proof and odor-proof material to prevent spoilage and insect or rodent problems. Our food has a shelf life of at least three years.

The meal ingredients are formulated to provide a rich source of easily digestible protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins needed by an undernourished child's body and mind. The food is also acceptable to the broad diversity of ethnic tastes and religious differences around the world. The food offers all 9 of the essential amino acids required for complete nutrition, something that can't be said about other typical food relief sources such as rice or beans alone. It is also very simple to prepare, requiring only 6 cups of boiling water to make a complete meal.

The beauty of the food formulation is its simplicity. It is made from four readily available, dry ingredients that are easy to package, keep for long periods, and require only boiling with water to prepare. Despite the simplicity of the food's content, it is a nutritionally complex and well balanced meal.

High-quality white, long-grain rice  
  • Widely recognized as a food staple in most countries of the world
  • Fills the stomach
  • Has a long shelf life

Vitamin-fortified, crushed soy


  • Very high protein content (52%)
  • 1 lb. of soy is the equivalent of 3 lbs. of red meat
  • Fortification provides nine additional, essential vitamins

Dehydrated blend of six vegetables




  • Adds nutritional value, flavor, and color

Chicken-flavored, vegetarian 
vitamin & mineral powder




  • Includes 21 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Adds flavor (vegetarian chicken flavoring)

Vitamin A

Good for: Eyesight, growth, appetite and taste
Signs of deficiency: Night-blindness

Vitamin B6

Good for: Preventing skin conditions, nerve problems, helps the body absorb protein and carbohydrate
Signs of deficiency: Skin inflammation

Vitamin B12

Good for: Making red blood and the formation of the nerves
Signs of deficiency: Tiredness, breathing difficulties, dizziness, abnormalities in nerve tissue function

Vitamin C

Good for: Immune defense system, protection from viruses and bacteria, healing wounds, reducing cholesterol, cell lifespan, preventing scurvy
Signs of deficiency: Tiredness, bleeding gums, slow-healing wounds

Vitamin D

Good for: Strong bones and teeth
Signs of deficiency: Unhealthy teeth, osteomalacia (causes weakening of bones), rickets in children.

Vitamin E

Good for: Fighting toxins - vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant
Signs of deficiency: Weak muscles and fertility problems

Folic acid/folate

Good for: Production of red blood cells. It is essential in the first three months of pregnancy to prevent birth defects such as spina bifida, cleft palate or cleft lip.
Signs of deficiency: Tiredness due to anaemia, red tongue


Good for: Strong bones and teeth, nerve function, muscle contraction, blood clotting
Signs of deficiency: Poor teeth and brittle bones


Good for: Red blood cells and muscle function, white blood cells and the immune system
Signs of deficiency: Tiredness, irritability, difficulties concentrating


Good for: Converting energy from food, cell repair, building strong bones, teeth and muscles, regulating body temperature
Signs of deficiency: Muscle spasms, and has been associated with heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and weak bones


Good for: Immune system, the breakdown of protein, fat and carbohydrate
Signs of deficiency: Lesions on skin, eyes and in throat, loss of taste and smell, hair loss, diarrhea, slow healing of wounds, growth problems in children

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The mission of Kids Against Hunger – Fort Wayne is to show God’s love by providing highly nutritious meals to food insecure people around the world.

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