Both testimonials and photographic evidence show the life-saving effects of the Kids Against Hunger food for the children who receive it. The standout difference of the Kids Against Hunger food is that, by eating it, starving children not only survive, but they begin to thrive.

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Another group of unplanned - but very real - beneficiaries of Kids Against Hunger are the volunteers who package the food. The manual food packaging process not only feeds many children, it also brings satisfaction and deep engagement to the volunteers who package it. For most volunteers, it is the ultimate hands-on contribution that, because of its simplicity, individuals of all ages can perform. Volunteers from all walks of life and society - including schools, churches, civic & scouting troops, corporations, neighborhood kids, and families package the food for distribution to starving people all over the world. 

Through the packaging efforts of these groups, volunteers learn and reaffirm the importance of looking beyond themselves, towards serving the needs of others. After two hours of time spent packaging food, a group could easily have helped to create several thousand servings of food. At the end of that time they can see the cartons of food they packaged, stacked, and ready to be sent off to such nations as Haiti, Liberia, or Afghanistan where the meals will nourish the body and mind of these precious children.


The mission of Kids Against Hunger – Fort Wayne is to show God’s love by providing highly nutritious meals to food insecure people around the world.

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We absolutely love what this organization does and it is so much fun in the process! Great for families to do together.  --Adult volunteer 

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