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Lutheran Schools Work Together

Lutheran Schools in the Fort Wayne area combined efforts in fundraising and hunger awareness which culminated in several packing events in the area. On April 11th, close to 1,000 students packed over 207,000 meals at Concordia Lutheran High School. Between events at Concordia, Lutheran South Unity, St. John Lutheran in Kendallville, and Wynekan Lutheran a total of over 350,000 meals were provided by the Lutheran School Partnership. The majority of these meals are headed to the Philippines where many are still struggling after two major disasters late in 2013.

Crisis in the Philippines

For most of 2013, we have been stockpiling meals to provide a container (about 280K meals) to International Care Ministries (ICM) in the Philippines. With the recent natural disasters of an earthquake in October followed by a typhoon in November, they have asked us to expedite the shipment. We are working with Trinity English Lutheran church and the Kids Against Hunger network to gather the remaining meals needed to fill the container for shipment next week.

Our contact, Dan Owens from ICM, has stated that the task of helping those in need is difficult because of “the complication of communication, lack of electricity, constant heavy rain, bridges down and ports down.  The barriers to help are really proving to be a challenge…. Life for so many is already tough here in the Philippines, a natural disaster just takes it to another level of basic human survival.”

Please pray and consider supporting ICM during this difficult time as they work around the clock to care for those affected, especially the poor. Click here to give directly to ICM on the ground in the Philippines.  Read more from ICM here.


Pro Football Mini Camp Provides Service Opportunity to Middle School Youth

On May 18th, almost 200 middle school boys participated in a Kids Against Hunger packing event before getting on the field for their football camp. NFL veteran and Wayne High School graduate, Jason Baker, organizes the

Pro Football Mini Camp

camp which he calls “a servant leadership training disguised as a football camp.” The kids

had a great time teamed up in groups of 11 to pack meals and make a difference. In addition, they were able to have a voice in where the food will end up. Three choices were given: keep some food local, send to Haiti via Children’s Lifeline International, or send to the Philippines via International Care Ministries. The boys voted almost unanimously to send the food to Haiti. Our goal for the event was to allow them to have fun while making a difference and instill in them a sense of gratitude for the plenty we have here in America, even when it seems we don’t have that much.


Kohl's Cares!

Kohl's employees from northern Indiana gathered for a regional meeting in Fort Wayne. In addition to improving their skills and networking, they took time out of their busy day to give of themselves as well. Kohl's

uses a grant program to encourage their employees to Kohl'svolunteer in the community. The Kohl's members were highly competitive and full of energy as they packed over 10,000 meals in only an hour. Thank you to all who participated!

Would you like to engage your employees or co-workers in a fun and meaningful team-building time? Please contact us to learn how you can spearhead a packing event at your work and help feed our future.



Making a Difference in Hyderabad, India

From June to December 2012, we stockpiled meals with the Indiagoal of sending half a 40 foot container of food to India. We partnered with the Bluffton based, Forgotten Children, who supplied clothing for the other half of the container and coordinated the shipment. We recently received some great feedback from our partner in Hyderabad, India. After spicing things up a bit to meet the cultural taste, the food has been well accepted by orphan homes and feeding programs for children living in the slums. A big THANK YOU to all of those who packed and funded meals during the last half of 2012; your time and financial sacrifice is being felt all the way around the world!!





Church Provides Much Needed Meals For Children in Uganda

Last summer, First Brethern Church in North Manchester held a packing event event to provide meals to a missionary they support in Kyenjojo, Uganda. We were able to coordinate shipment of 28,500 meals to God's Care Ministries who are making a difference in their area in the areas of schooling, medication, counseling, and hygiene education. Many meals have been distributed to families enrolled in their sponsorship program as well as to families with HIV positive, malnourished children. The need is great in Western Uganda, and this food is making a difference!


Partnering with Forgotten Children Worldwide - Fall 2012

For many people in the area, Forgotten Children Worldwide is an unfamiliar name. But this Bluffton, IN based organization is helping people around the world and in many ways. From child sponsorship to micro financing to clothing aid, FCW is making a widespread impact. Each year they collect donated clothing from the community and ship cargo containers to ministry partners. One partner in India has requested that 20 pallets of Kids Against Hunger - Fort Wayne food be included in their year end shipment. They intend to distribute the food to orphans living within the pastoral network of the area and directly to families living in the slums. As of December 15th, thousands of meals and boxes of clothes started the journey to India and we are excited to partner with FCW in this endeavor. You can learn more about FCW and their ministries at


28,000 Meals Headed to Uganda - Summer 2012

If you have been following KAH – Fort Wayne for a while, you may recall that First Brethren Church in North Manchester had already done enough fundraising to do a second event. This church family desired to send the food to a missionary they support in Uganda, but we were having difficulty finding a way to get it there. Prayers were answered when we got a call back from William Henry of America’s Heart in Florida. He stated that he had room and had made provisions to accommodate our four pallets to Uganda. The only catch was that the container was ready to ship and he needed the materials immediately. In a week and a half, the community center was booked, 100 volunteers signed up, supplies purchased, meals packed and shipped to Florida. When the food gets to Uganda, Heart for Uganda will distribute these meals to their community where many suffer from malnourishment. A big thanks to First Brethren Church in North Manchester for packing the meals and America’s Heart for shipping them overseas! Check back for updates as we receive feedback from Heart for Uganda on how the meals are making a difference.

Kids at Woodburn Lutheran School Make a Difference! - Summer 2012

Woodburn Lutheran School may not have big numbers but it definitely has students with big hearts! Students raised over $1,400 with their Chapel offerings to donate to KAH. We joined them for an energetic afternoon where they exceed our expectations by packing 8,000 meals. It just goes to show that we ALL can make a difference, no matter our age!






Children’s Lantern Hosts Record Breaking Event! - Spring 2012


We were privileged to work with Children’s Lantern in Defiance, OH on April 28, 2012 to pack over 55,000 meals – a new Kids Against Hunger – Fort Wayne record! Children’s Lantern is working hard to make a difference in the areas of adoption, foster care, feeding kids, and freeing sex slaves. Learn more about how they are changing lives at Most of the meals packed are going to a refugee camp in Kenya. Some will travel with Children’s Lantern to Monterrey, Mexico in July where they will help the missionaries there make a difference for 100 abandoned children living in desperate circumstances.


Launch Event Meals Distributed to Those in Need - Spring 2012



Meals from our Launch Event in October 2011 were sent to His Eyes mission in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. We recently received an update from Felipe Colby, the mission director, who regularly distributes Kids Against Hunger meals in the community. He told us about a recent trip they made to some villagers tucked into the side of the mountain. “Many of the houses were one room.  I took time when possible to look if they had any cabinets/cupboards, the rice we were giving them was the only food in the house for many. They were grateful for the food...even more eager when we offered to pray for them.  Every time they eat of that rice, they think of how God blessed them that day....that was my prayer for them as well.”  






Over 35,000 Hungry Mouths To Be Fed in Haiti - Feb 2012

Thanks to the fundraising and packing efforts of our volunteers, 35,640 meals are headed to Haiti via Northwest Haiti Christian Mission.  Volunteers from Sunrise Chapel in Harlan, the Holiday public pack, and First Brethren Church in North Manchester all contributed to our latest shipment.  NWHCM feeds over 10,000 kids a day through various schools, orphanages, and feeding programs.  They have a variety of aid and educational programs to both provide for basic needs and help promote self sustainability.  Haiti is a country where people struggle as much as anywhere in the world and our volunteers are making an impact in their lives from right here in Indiana.  The following are a few basic statistics of Haitan culture:

  • 1 in 10 Haitian children die of malnutrition or preventable illness before kindergarten.
  • Roughly a quarter of children in Haiti suffer from chronic malnutrition, and 9 percent of children have acute malnutrition.
  • Studies have found that the earlier child malnutrition is treated, the more positive the impact on child development.

You can learn more about Northwest Haiti Christian Mission on their website,


Making an Impact from North Manchester - Feb 2012

It has been exciting to see God at work at First Brethren Church in North Manchester.  The children were an integral part in bringing an event to First Brethren, raising the money, and packing the food.  The families involved worked hard from start to finish and showed a genuine desire to help those in need.  They put food in the mouths of over 21,000 Haitians and raised enough funds to do it again later in the year.  Thanks again!  You can see pictures of this event and others on our Facebook page at

Holiday Packing Event a Great Success! - Dec 2011

About 50 volunteers came together on December 29th to package over 10,000 meals.  The volunteers came from all over the Fort Wayne area and surrounding counties and included many representatives from the Miss Three Rivers Festival organization.  We are very thankful for all the hard work done to provide 30 children with enough food for an entire year!  This work literally is saving lives.  Thank you for all who were a part of the event.  If you were unable to attend, look for details to come soon for our next public event in the spring.  Contact us to dicuss what a private event would look like for your church or organization.  Sign up for email updates to make sure you receive details on upcoming events and other information.


21,000 MEALS HEADED TO HONDURAS - October 2011

The meals packaged during our launch event on October 22nd were transported to Indianapolis and placed in a container being shipped to Honduras by FAME ( The meals are headed to a missionary in Tegucigalpa, Honduras that supports several churches in the area. Felipe Colby leads this mission called "His Eyes." Felipe has received Kids Against Hunger food in the past from a satellite in Indianapolis and has this to say about how a steady stream of food can impact his mission:

"[it will be used] for ongoing feeding programs like our children’s program in Tegucigalpa, and could provide the ability to start similar such programs in our other Church communities outside Tegucigalpa, and to greater help in emergency need situations as well, such as flooding, droughts, and in some circumstances like we witnessed just a few weeks ago...some members of an alcoholic/drug rehabilitation program were working with our group helping build a Church building for one of our Churches. They worked all day as volunteers, and after work was over and they left some of the group just happened to run into them while taking a walk. They were going through the trash to find something to eat that night. Thanks to KAH, we had rice to give them so they could get a good meal. Isn’t that incredible? There is potential to do this even more and partnering with others we know here to expand this."

Learn more about His Eyes at their website - 







We traveled to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on November 1st to help out with Kids Against Hunger – Central Indiana’s Million Meal Marathon. Volunteers packed food on 50 lines running for four different shifts. The atmosphere was fun and exciting as people came together to package more than 500,000 meals. The majority of these were shipped to Africa to help relieve suffering for the thousands affected by the drought. Video footage of the meals being distributed will be coming to their website as it is received –




We first heard about the organization from a friend in Indianapolis who attended a packaging event. Thinking it sounded like a great opportunity, we visited the KAH website to find a local satellite in order to attend an event. The wheels started turning after learning that Fort Wayne did not have a satellite and about two years later we turned in our application. The turning point in our decision to pursue this was in February 2011 when an anonymous person purchased a mini-van for our family. It immediately came to mind that the amount spent for the van was the same amount of the KAH satellite start up fee! This sparked much prayer and discussion on the topic and we decided to move forward. The KAH headquarters has inspired us with their vision of not just making a dent in world hunger, but completely eradicating it. Another great benefit to the organization is the unique opportunity for volunteers to package the meals themselves, providing a sense of ownership and satisfaction. We hope you will also be inspired to make a difference through your participation!

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The mission of Kids Against Hunger – Fort Wayne is to show God’s love by providing highly nutritious meals to food insecure people around the world.

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